Shipping & Returns


No matter how many goods you plan to purchase, shipping anywhere in the world is free.

At, we prioritize delivering orders to customers as quickly as possible. It’s easy for us to obtain pre-deal or specifically made items since we construct them using new, raw components rather than stock resources. Our warehouses always have a supply of our most popular designs, and many orders are filled after a consumer placed one.

Delivery time, however, is unimportant because some patterns are already constructed and take four to five business days to be converted into jackets. the exception being customer-placed special orders. 

No offices of Foreign Assets Control get any products or services from Manufacturing takes 4 to 5 working days, and shipping takes 4 to 5 working days since delivery and shipping don’t take more than 10 working days.

Manifest courier services transport goods to ensure that they get to you securely. We provide free shipping anywhere in the world.

All taxes and import charges are the responsibility of the purchaser, not The product charges do not include these costs.

Return Policy

The website promised free delivery. The thirty-day return policy is handled by us. We offer our consumers a 30-day return and exchange policy for a reason.

For instance, if you’re unhappy with your purchase, you have 30 days to return the box. We have gotten where we are because we put our clients first.

After many years of experience, we came to the conclusion that the most prevalent error in product sizing accounts for the majority of returns. To make sure there won’t be any problems when they receive their shipment, we advise our clients to double-check their dimensions before finalizing their order. Additionally, we ask that before amending the request, our personnel evaluate the things as frequently as feasible.

Verify that all of the tags have been changed, the item has been used, and it has been returned in the same state as when you got it. Please choose the legitimate messenger service to ensure that your item is safe from loss. The customer is responsible for any return fees.

Refund Policy

The consumer will be entertained using the same payment method as was used to purchase the item. Refunds might result in the consumer getting a 50% discount on their subsequent purchase.

Please confirm if you may return or get a refund for the things you purchased during a sale.

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